Programming an RTS Game with Direct3D

Making a commercial-quality RTS game takes thousands of dollars and a large team of talented people. So is it possible for a book to teach one person how to make their own RTS game? The answer is yes. Programming an RTS Game with Direct3D is such a reference. The book provides intermediate programmers with a step-by-step implementation guide for programming a complete RTS game. In this book you'll learn how to make a very simple RTS game with all of the core elements. Don't be fooled though! Even this simple game will take a lot of knowledge and hard work. But during the process of making the game, you'll learn many general game programming skills, including terrain generation, skinned meshes, path finding, visual effects, sounds, networking, how to create a user interface, and much more. Each chapter deals with one or more specific component in the building process to mimic a logical project workflow from concept to completed game. The book begins by laying the theoretical framework and discussing RTS game design and various implementation issues. From there, you'll move on to implement component after component, until you are finally ready to put them all together to form an RTS game. Throughout the book, there is a heavy emphasis on coding and a lot of this code will be found in the example applications on the companion CD-ROM.

Paperback:512 pages
Publisher:Charles River Media
Publishing Date:October 11, 2006

Visual Studio 2008 Examples

Chapter 3: Direct3D Primer
Chapter 4: Creating the Terrain
Chapter 5: Camera and Mouse
Chapter 6: Creating 3D Models
Chapter 7: Skinned Meshes
Chapter 8: Team Color
Chapter 9: Players
Chapter 10: Fog-of-War
Chapter 11: Minimap
Chapter 12: Effects
Chapter 13: The Sound of Music
Chapter 14: AI
Chapter 15: Networking
Chapter 16: Putting it All Together